Made In Brooklyn

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Made In Brooklyn - #research #bklyn #culture
'Made In Brooklyn' Way to go @ceonyc #respect
I heart BK.
I can't thank @BKLYNhaus enough for the awesome job they did on the "Made in Brooklyn" video for @brooklynbridgev
Made in Brooklyn.
Congrats to @ceonyc on launching Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, and putting together an awesome video to boot:
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Video description

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING<br /> A Bklyn Haus Production <br /> Presented by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures<br /> <br /> A FILM BY<br /> Executive Producer | Charlie O’Donnell, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures<br /> Producer/ Director | Hannah Kreiswirth, Bklyn Haus<br /> Editor | Aleks Degtyarev, Penguin in the City Inc.<br /> Production Assistant | Gamal Helmy, Bklyn Haus<br /> Score | Nate Kreiswirth Music<br /> <br /> FEATURING<br /> Jonathan Askin | Professor, Brooklyn Law School<br /> Chad Dickerson | CEO, Etsy <br />

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