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Shufflr is a video discovery service that helps consumers discover videos that they would like to watch anytime, anywhere.

Powered by a highly available and scalable platform on the cloud, the service takes a unique (patent pending) approach of combining social signals with algorithms, to create a ‘Daily Fix’ of videos for a personalized TV like experience to its users for online video as well as premium TV content and movies on their primary & secondary screens. The platform takes this Daily Fix concept further and revolutionises the way in which users discover live TV programming, breaking them free from the tedious, traditional EPG.

The Shufflr platform delivers millions of personalised Daily Fixes to users from over 160 countries, every day. Here is a high level view of how the platform works to create these Daily Fixes.

The platform’s REST APIs are designed to realise immersive social video discovery experiences across phones, tablets, televisions and PCs. To specifically cater to the rise of video consumption on mobile devices, the platform enables users to ‘carry their context along’ and have a consistent video discovery experience as they switch from one device to another.

Shufflr for Business

The Shufflr platform technology & service is now available for licensing to partners from TV manufacturers, premium content owners, cable and satellite TV service providers. Our licensing models are suitable for both private cloud (hosted within the partner’s data center) and public cloud (hosted & serviced by Shufflr) models. Please write to us at <biz @ shufflr dot tv> with your needs and we will be glad to create a solution that works for you.

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