People Speak
Shufflr is my pick for the most interesting UI I've seen this year. So far. :-) [Watch his review of Shufflr on Free Software Smackdown.]
Kim Cavanaugh, Teacher, Freelance Web Author
After using it for a couple of hours it certainly is an effective tool to discover videos on the web. So if you’re looking for an easy and quick way to discover what’s hot on the web or you simply want to stay on top of what your friends are sharing, then Shufflr is the app for you.
Gilberto J Perera, Microsoft MVP, full-time blogger
@xhupf: @shufflr - lovin' the Air-app... _just_awesome_ :)
xhupf - PlayStation & XBOX junkie
@razor2009: Shufflr is a nice #social #video browser to discover the videos you like on the web.
Christoph Koch, Mosbach Digital Media Graduate