Kimbra - "Settle Down" [Official Music Video]

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Just watched this video on Shufflr - Kimbra - "Settle Down" [Official Music Video]
Kimbra wins everything.
Today's pre-preview boogie is more a samba with Kimbra's Settle Down
writing w/ @DaveTozer. He just put me on to Kimbra. This is dope:
kimbra'ya "yes i will settle down with you" diye seslenmeme sebep veren ?ark? duy sesimi allahs?z

Video description

Kimbra's N. American debut, The Settle Down EP is out on iTunes now here: Directed by Guy Franklin. For more Kimbra: KIMBRA : LYRICS TO VOWS Settle Down: I wanna settle down I wanna settle down Won't you settle down with me? Settle down We can settle at a table.. A table for two Won't you wine and dine with me? Settle down I wanna raise a child I wanna rais

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