You are probably wondering if this download is worth your while. So, let us tell you a little about Shufflr and what it can do for you.

When was the last time you were on the web, looking for videos to entertain you? The last video you saw was when your buddy Tony mailed you that video of a purple dog with a scarf & sun glasses riding a skateboard. Now a video like that can leave a pretty deep & lasting impression on your mind about the kind of videos floating on the web.

We know there is more to online video than chromatic canines & their ludicrous antics. YouTube alone has more than 20 hours of video uploaded every minute. Somewhere out there, there must be videos you like.

Shufflr was built to help discover videos that interest you from all over the web. It connects you to people with similar tastes (not to mention your buddy Tony and his fun videos) and shows you what the world is watching, all in one place.

Just imagine tuning into your own channel with videos from Wall Street Journal, Maxim, TopGear and all your other favourites.

Now toss that remote and click your way into a new paradigm in social online video discovery.

Shufflr is brought to you by Althea Systems, a company focused on building solutions that simplify online video discovery and consumption across multiple screens by stitching together latest technology, the brave new social web and good old common sense
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