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The response to the previous post “Twitter comes to Shufflr” has been overwhelming. Shufflrs have been telling us how they have been pining for this feature for a while. It caused us to introspect - “is this so revolutionary?”. Turns out, that we Shufflrs take our content quality and convenience (‘videos find me’) for granted. Friends of Shufflrs however are not so blessed. Many have been scouring video land braving the elements trying to find videos they like. All this when you Shufflrs are sitting in the convenience of your couch, notebook on your lap, sipping hot coffee and relishing the videos coming to you via Shufflr.

The do-gooders amongst us are drowning in guilt. Why did GOD choose us? What wrong did these poor devils do to deserve this? It’s time to make amends.

We implore you, to share the goodness of Shufflr with your buddies. We know you don’t have much time on your hands, but this is why we made it a simple one click share. You might be wondering - “what can one man do…to save those millions of deprived souls”. Remember it always starts with one. So do the right thing and tweet a video. It’s your good karma for the day. Remember what goes around, comes around.

Bless you!

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